Was die Kunden über Mirazur sagen:

From day one Kirsten has been our ”rescuer” when we bought our wonderful villa Rosa in Antibes. We were not good in French and we didn’t know anybody who could help us upgrade our new house. The frames were ok but the final touch was missing as well as good craftsmanship. Kirsten was recommended to us by our Danish translator at the notary’s office.

You can tell Kirsten what you would like to have done and it will be done. She has a fantastic network and manages perfectly the artisans making sure they do what they are supposed to. It is quite essential that she has several jobs with the same artisans thus having their respect contrary to us on our own being only once-in-a-while customers with French artisans.

You can get almost anything you want, from new tiles around the pool to wall paintings and tips of where to buy things for the house.

We have now a wonderful house just the way we wanted it to be. The daily management with the garden, cleaning and small repairs works very well and it is reassuring that Kirsten is regularly checking the house when we are not there.

I believe that Kirsten’s motto is ”We are here to relax, she takes care of everything else”.

Happy house owner in Antibes



Since we bought our house in St Paul in 2007, Mirazur has taken care of all the problems that can arise when as a Dane you buy property in France. The presence of Mirazur in the local area as well as a good understanding of French culture and mentality has been very helpful for us.

Not the least the contact to public authorities, electricity and water suppliers has been of inestimable importance. Mirazur also helped us when buying our car and translation of various documents in relation to the purchase.

Mirazur manages the house, empties the letterbox and takes care of electrical problems when the house is empty. Mirazur has also provided reliable artisans when needed.

We look forward to continued good cooperation with Mirazur who has our complete confidence.

LR and BR, St Paul


 Kirsten and Mirazur have been helping us for several years in the south of France.

She has taken care of everything from insurance claims (water damage and burglary), hospital visits, agreements with local contractors/artisans etc, and it has always been with a smile and competence no matter our request for assistance.

Kirsten has furthermore good local knowledge and is very popular in the area.

We can warmly recommend Kirsten and her company Mirazur.

Olsen family, Vence


 During the last 3-4 years we have had the pleasure of Mirazur managing our house.

Big and small problems, tasks involving local artisans everything has been done quickly and correctly to our entire satisfaction. Problems and possible negotiations with the authorities and insurance companies etc have been solved quickly and efficiently.

When most of the year you are 2000 km away from your house is it reassuring to know that somebody you trust is keeping an eye on things, both inside and outside. As to cleaning, laundry and getting the house ready before arrival everything is perfect.

We can only give our full recommendation of Mirazur and hope that many others are allowed to enjoy a fantastic cooperation with Kirsten.

Niels og Lis B Pedersen, Tourrettes sur Loup


We bought our house in Cagnes sur Mer in the South of France about 2 years ago and Kirsten Matthiesen was recommended to us by our lawyer Max Klinker, Nice. We have been extremely happy with that recommendation and today we cannot imagine how we could have dealt with everything in the new house without having her assistance, and that in spite several members of our family speak French fluently.

We needed several different artisans in connection with the renovation and K.M.’s help was invaluable in finding the right artisans, making good and precise agreements with them and us. We have had great pleasure of KM with everything concerning a new house in France, e.g. bank, lawyer, insurances, pool maintenance, the municipality, internet, tv, managing the house, contact to the neighbours etc.

We have had and will continue to have great pleasure of Kirsten Matthiesen’s company.

Amanda Reumert Dexters, Denmark/


During the last couple of years I have had the assistance of Kirsten in various matters, especially as my family’s knowledge of French is almost non-existent. Among other things there have been translations, contact to the authorities, French registration of my Danish car, participation in the general assembly of the syndic as well as in local investor meetings taking care of our interests.

It is difficult for me to limit the activities of Kirsten, because no matter the problem it is always solved quickly and conscientiously and often on her own initiative. She has a practical way of finding solutions, a good knowledge and she is a very pleasant person with whom we look forward to continue our good co-operation.

J.P. Golfe Juan


When buying our house in Vence we came into contact with Mirazur/Kirsten Matthiesen.

Because of our insufficient knowledge of the French language and culture we have had much pleasure of the extensive services of Kirsten Matthiesen, ranging from cleaning of the house and gardener and not the least her competent and reliable artisans.

It is also very reassuring that she keeps an eye on the house when we are not there.

She is always pleasant and cooperative and our problems are solved quickly and safely at a fair price.

ELV and HCV, Vence


We came into contact with Kirsten Matthiesen via the website of the Danish Club in France.

We have bought property in France without knowing neither the language nor the tradition. We have therefore had the assistance of Kirsten for the translation of correspondence, contact to the authorities, the syndic and various artisans.

Kirsten has always delivered high level quality and services and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others.

M.L., Cagnes sur Mer


We can warmly recommend Mirazur. During several years we have used the services of Kirsten Matthiesen/Mirazur and various tasks have been solved to our entire satisfaction; tasks involving good local knowledge and language skills. Among other things it is entirely Kirsten Matthiesen’s merits that we now have established and installed internet in our villa – after having tried repeatedly on our own.

It is also Mirazur who has provided us with a competent and reliable gardener, taken care of the installation of a new watering system for the garden as well as getting quotations and afterwards having the contact with the contractor in connection with the replacement of the septic tank.

Mirazur has in a very professional way taken care of various contacts to the authorities, local artisans etc. The tasks are always solved quickly, professionally and efficiently.

We look forward to a continued cooperation with Mirazur.

J+J Tourrettes sur Loup


Villa France is a company letting out a house in Sanary.

Mirazur has been and still is the “go-between” of Villa France a/s and the French authorities, French artisans, general agreements, problems with tenants etc. Mirazur/by Kirsten is assisting us and translating whatever we might need. We are very satisfied with the help we get everytime we contact her by phone or mail. The questions and tasks we might have for Mirazur are always solved in a professional, efficient and pleasant way.

CC, Sanary sur Mer


When we move to France in 2007 none of us spoke the least French. Actually we still don’t as we both work in international environments primarily abroad. Thanks to Mirazur we still today manage the daily life without difficulties.

Mirazur explains letters from the authorities, telephone companies etc to us. Mirazur has made phone calls on our behalf, written to companies and participated in a telephone call as a translator.

All in all Mirazur has made it much easier for us to move to France and we are 100% satisfied with the services given.

H.A., Fréjus


I have used Mirazur in connection with entering a leasing contract of an apartment in Nice and the following installation of internet, telephone and TV.

I am extremely satisfied and can only recommend her assistance to others who might need it.

KP Nice


It is and has been a real pleasure to meet Kirsten Matthiesen, Mirazur.

When we first met in October 2006 I had 19 points needing her help. We should get to know each other etc. But after 3 hours all my problems were solved and Kirsten Matthiesen could go back to Vence.

Since then I have used Kirsten’s assistance in connection with the gardener, the garage, delivery of fuel, the Prefecture, new insurance company, mail, Rentokil, contact to embassies and not least finding a new plumber.

It is almost 4 years since my first meeting with Mirazur and we continue our good fantastic and loyal cooperation. No matter where I am in the world there is always contact to Mirazur via mail, telephone and fax.

BC, Golfe Juan