Property management

Mirazur takes care of your property when you are unable to do so yourself

When your property is far away it is good to know that someone is taking care of it, so that there are no bad surprises such as water damage, unanswered mail, dirty pool and countless other occurrences next time you visit.

The property management may consist of :

  • • a regular visit and inspection of the property
  • • organisation and follow up on professional teams such as the gardener, pool maintenance etc
  • • emptying the mailbox, administrative formalities, answering official letters, payment of invoices etc
  • • organising artisans and having necessary repairs done
  • • arranging cleaning services
  • • preparing the house for your arrival (turning on the heat, buying groceries…)

These are only some of the possibilities and therefore the property management is agreed individually based on your needs.